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Update to MindMash Available Now

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

MindMash for iPad

An update for MindMash (v1.3.2) is now available on the App Store. This maintenance release includes the following fixes:

  • Disables drawing mode if drawing mode is enabled when device rotates
  • Fixes location of activity indicator in landscape mode
  • Saves previously selected shape in drawing mode

MindMash is a brainstorming / note-taking app for the iPad. It’s available worldwide for free, exclusively on the App Store.

Updates to MindMash & Klieg

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Apple approved updates for our most popular apps last February 13. The latest version of MindMash (v1.3.1) includes the following:

  • Tested on iOS 6.1
  • Shows feedback when loading sheets with a lot of bits
  • Improved reliability of bit deletion
  • Uses stricter criteria for determining invalid drawing bits
  • Prevents saving if text view is empty

The latest version of Klieg (v1.3.1) includes the following:

  • Tested on iOS 6.1
  • Improves reliability of saving images in burst mode
  • Adds integrity check for photos during video conversion
  • Addresses potential crash when creating new video

Updates to Klieg & WalletWhiz Out Now

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Klieg, WalletWhiz & WalletWhiz Lite

Apple has approved updates to 3 of our apps: Klieg, WalletWhiz & WalletWhiz Lite.

The update to Klieg (v1.3) adds the following items:

  • Support for saving previous photos
  • Improves reliability of sharing videos to Facebook

The update to WalletWhiz & WalletWhiz Lite includes:

  • Tested on iOS 6.1
  • Addresses potential crash when category name cannot be found in categories (Paid only)
  • Addresses potential crash when exporting data

DeskWhiz & WalletWhiz Updates

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013


DeskWhiz on iPhone 5

We just released updates for 2 of our paid apps, DeskWhiz & WalletWhiz.

DeskWhiz turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a portable digital photo frame, with built-in digital clock display, music playback & slideshow functionality. WalletWhiz is a budget calendar for the iPhone or iPod touch.

For DeskWhiz, v1.2 includes the following changes & fixes:

  • Requires iOS 6
  • Support for iPhone 5 / iPod touch 5G
  • Allows playing of music in background
  • Includes support for remote & headset controls
  • Fixes display of music information
  • Increased reliability in saving settings
  • Changes in landscape mode cascade to portrait mode
  • Allows editing of music collection after removal of items
  • Performance improvements

For WalletWhiz (both paid & free), v1.3.1 includes the following fixes:

  • Addresses potential issues when resuming app with passcode enabled
  • Addresses potential issues with exporting data

Download WalletWhiz 1.3 From the App Store!

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

WalletWhiz and WalletWhiz Lite

Updated versions of WalletWhiz & WalletWhiz Lite are available on iTunes now. These updates include the following changes:

  • Requires iOS 6
  • Support for iPhone 5 / iPod touch 5G
  • Centralized saving of Options

WalletWhiz is a personal budgeting tool that allows users to keep track of their spending habits against their periodic budget. Users can access their financial data through the Categories or the Calendar view.

Start your year right, finance-wise. Download WalletWhiz now for only $0.99 on the App Store.