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Apple’s iPad: What it represents

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

(A blog post from Ramon, our resident iPhone developer, also known among the nerd herd as “filjedi.”)

iPad on an invisible table

iPad on an invisible table in Steve Job's home ;p

So, the iPad is the rumored tablet that Apple finally unveiled to the public last 27 January. Some people were amazed, more were disappointed, others even told themselves, “Why the hell would I buy this?” Me? I would buy the 16GB version today for 2 reasons.

Firstly, as an iPhone developer, I’d definitely need to test my current app on an actual iPad. I’d want to use it to see how I can take advantage of the added screen real estate & the better specs if I were to release DeskWhiz & WalletWhiz as “native” iPad apps.

Secondly, I definitely see this as something I can use when I don’t want to fire up my Macbook in the SOHO just to check my e-mail, browse the web, play games, watch videos, or other casual activities. The iPhone is great for these things, but the iPad can arguably do them better. In short, this is the netbook I’ve been waiting for.

However, there has been a lot of negative feedback regarding the iPad. It doesn’t allow third party app multi-tasking. It doesn’t run Flash. It doesn’t have a real keyboard. It doesn’t have a camera. It still needs a separate computer to function properly. It doesn’t have an optical drive. It doesn’t have a real desktop/laptop/netbook OS.

Instead of offering my two-cents about what the iPad can or can’t do, I’d rather go into a discussion into what the iPad means for the future of personal computing & why Apple may have actually left out a lot of things on purpose in it’s goal to redefine a netbook.


HTC Hero

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

(A post from Mai, our web developer/Android guru)

The Road Less Travelled

Before anything else, a disclaimer: This is NOT a technical gadget review. I won’t be talking about the specs here because you can Google that anyway. This is going to be about my experience as a “fresh” user because the HTC Hero is my first smartphone. My phone prior to this was a chipped (and cheap) flashlight phone that had a yellow backlight. Save for Snake and its built-in super useful flashlight, you can’t do much with it except to call and text. Which were all I really needed in a phone, anyway. Of course…until I started using the Hero.

I actually wanted an iPhone 3GS because it looks hot stuff and I can play SIMS3 on it. Furthermore, one of our business’ core competencies is iPhone development, and adding another toy for our app development experiments wouldn’t hurt. But a month ago we also decided to enter the world of Google Android so my business partners convinced me to get a Google phone instead. Annoyed as I was, I gave in. Practicality over vanity. After more than a week of hacking and ‘lovemaking’ with my HTC Hero, I’m glad I took the road less traveled.

The HTC Hero is a gadget from another galaxy.

The HTC Hero is a gadget from another galaxy.

Cool and creepy

The minute I turned on my phone and connected to a network, I teleported to another dimension. I was totally awed when I discovered that it automatically pinned down my exact location and its local time, its current weather, its current temperature and the expected high and low temps of the day without me entering any kind of information (gone are the days of entering date and time). It was cool and creepy at the same time. Cool because my phone finally has a mind of its own and I felt like I was in a James Bond movie, creepy because I associate the advancement of technology to the end of the world. The device felt so futuristic that I kinda expected it to know my favorite color and current celebrity crush as well. And to my amazement, it did. Read on. (Can you imagine the convenience, you don’t have to key in your date and time each time you travel to a different timezone).