5 Ways To Beat The Traffic Using StreetSmart

streetsmart on mobile safari for ipad

[Updated: September 3, 2010]

Good news! StreetSmart can now be accessed by a wider network of mobile phone users! Here are 5 ways you can view and share traffic reports using StreetSmart:

1. StreetSmart for Android Devices

Download StreetSmart for Android from Globe’s website for FREE. [Update: StreetSmart is the winner in the Globe Challenge For Android 2010, Messaging and Communications Category]. Read about our Step-by-Step Guide for Android users.

2. StreetSmart for iPhone

Download StreetSmart for iPhone from the App Store for FREE. Here’s a summary of what you can do with StreetSmart for iPhone.

3. Mobile Web for iPhone

Access http://streetsmart.numlock.com.ph on your iPhone’s web browser.

4. Mobile Web for iPad

Access http://streetsmart.numlock.com.ph on Mobile Safari for iPad.

5. Via Twitter

Tweet traffic reports by replying to @StreetSmartApp on Twitter. We will retweet your traffic info for the benefit of fellow Metro Manila commuters & motorists.

Thank you to those who sent in their comments and suggestions. We look forward to implementing improved features on StreetSmart soon.

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