3 Things You Can Do With DeskWhiz

1. Use it as a digital photo frame

You can select photos from your iPhone’s photo library to create a digital photo frame that would play in a loop. Simply access the “Add” images button by tapping the “Photos” icon in the bottom right corner of the app twice. Add the images that you would like to be displayed and tap the “Play” button to start showing your beautiful pictures. Images can be displayed in portrait or landscape mode.

2. Use it to create a music playlist

DeskWhiz can help you create a music playlist by letting you choose songs from your phone’s music library. The songs will be played in the order that you choose and in a loop. Tap the “Music” icon in the lower middle portion of the app twice to select songs. Tap the “Play” button to start playing your music playlist.

3. Use it as a desk clock

To use DeskWhiz as a desk clock, tap the “Clock” icon at the lower left portion of the app once. Date and time will be displayed. Tap anywhere on the screen to hide the clock display. Photos and music can be simultaneously played while the clock is on display but users have the option to have one static photo displayed and no music played in the app.

DeskWhiz is best used with an iPhone/iPod touch stand or dock. Enjoy!

DeskWhiz is available in the App store for $0.99.

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