StreetSmart for iPhone Now Available!

We are happy to announce that StreetSmart for iPhone is now available for download in the App Store for FREE!

StreetSmart is a traffic app for mobile devices (Android & iOS) powered by YOU, our users. Through StreetSmart, the ability to share traffic updates and be informed of traffic situations within Metro Manila on a real-time basis is in your hands.

Excited? Here’s a summary of what you can do with StreetSmart for iPhone:

1. Report

Send traffic updates by choosing traffic load (Heavy, Moderate or Light) and entering comments in the description field. The iPhone’s GPS will be able to detect your location; if your device has a compass it will also be able to automatically detect your direction.

The blue pin shows your current location and tracks your movement on Metro Manila’s map.

left: report traffic updates; right: view traffic map

2. Share on Facebook or Twitter

You can share StreetSmart traffic updates with your friends and family via Facebook or Twitter. If you enter your Facebook or Twitter credentials, your traffic update will be posted on your Facebook wall or Twitter timeline (aside from getting pinned on the StreetSmart map). Facebook-authorized updates are posted anonymously on StreetSmart’s Twitter timeline while Twitter-authorized traffic updates are posted on StreetSmart’s timeline with attribution to the Twitter handle of the user.

Of course, if no Facebook or Twitter credentials are entered, traffic updates are always posted on StreetSmart’s timeline and map anonymously.

how the traffic update is posted on your facebook wall

how the traffic report appears in your twitter timeline

how your update appears in streetsmart’s twitter timeline. attribution [e.g. “(via @filjedi)”] only appears if you enter your twitter credentials.

3. View Map

There are two ways to view traffic updates on the StreetSmart map. One is through the “Map” section in your iPhone (see image under 1. Report), the other is through mobile web via The pins are color-coded according to traffic load. Traffic updates for the last hour are displayed on the map. Comments/description as well as time stamp appear when the pins are clicked or tapped.

4. Read Traffic Updates in List View

The Map View is great for getting a bird’s eye view of the traffic situation in Metro Manila but if you’re on the road and would like to see the individual comments for each traffic update, you may access and read them in List View instead of tapping the pins on the map one by one. The most recent 20 StreetSmart reports, traffic advisories and tweets are available in the List View.

left: traffic reports under “list” view; right: you may log out of facebook or twitter in the “about” section

5. Roadside Assistance

Easily access emergency hotlines (police & fire), government agencies hotlines (MMDA, LTO, LTFRB, Dept. of Public Order and Safety) as well as agencies responsible for vehicular crimes (PNP Anti-Carnapping, PNP Highway Patrol Group) using the Roadside Assistance that comes with the app. You also have access to battery & maintenance companies, taxi services in the metro, operator assistance and towing companies. Contacting the hotlines is easy: just tap on the particular item in Roadside Assistance to start dialing.

If there are other emergency and useful roadside assistance hotlines that we may have missed, let us know by sending us an email at StreetSmart is a community-driven app for the benefit of Metro Manila commuters and motorists. Listings (provided they are legit, useful to commuters & motorists and not used to advertise companies or services in any way) can be included in the app for FREE.

We owe a big chunk of StreetSmart’s first release to the selfless contributions of those who volunteered to beta test StreetSmart for iPhone. Again, A BIG, heartfelt THANKS from us at Team Numlock! You guys ROCK!

As always, your feedback is important to us. For comments and suggestions, rants or raves, send us an email at


*StreetSmart is the Winner in Globe Challenge for Android, 2010 (Messaging & Communications)
*The StreetSmart map can also be viewed on the web by accessing on your browser. The real-time traffic updates are available on StreetSmart’s Twitter timeline via
*Download StreetSmart for Android at Globe’s website for FREE.

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