Tips For a Better StreetSmart Experience

StreetSmart is a traffic app developed by traffic-weary Pinoys (that’s us!), powered by the Metro Manila tech-savvy community (that’s you!), for the benefit of the commuting and motoring public (that’s all of us!). The good news? StreetSmart can be viewed, used, shared and downloaded for FREE – no strings attached, although we do hope to get good road karma out of this.

In case you’re still wondering what this is all about, see our StreetSmart website and read up on the 5 Ways You Can Help Us Help You Beat The Traffic in Metro Manila. Ready to use StreetSmart? Here are some tips for a better user experience:

Sharing or viewing traffic updates while on the road

Obviously, it’s very dangerous to text, call, tweet, “check-in” or send/view traffic updates while driving. While we appreciate getting traffic updates from people on the road, we would like to caution everyone to refrain from using their mobile phones while driving or walking on the street. Ideal StreetSmart viewing and sharing scenarios: while at a full stop, as a passenger, or by asking someone else to open StreetSmart mobile app for you while driving.

Traffic tweets

We receive a lot of views and updates every day and the number of downloads of StreetSmart for iPhone and Android devices is growing. Traffic updates from mobile users as well as traffic information that we get from the Twitter community make @StreetSmartApp a very frequent traffic tweeter. The tweets show up in the List View of StreetSmart for iPhone/Android to also help commuters and motorists access these traffic information while on the road. To free your timeline of traffic-heavy tweets, we recommend creating a saved search or a search column for “StreetSmartApp” on Twitter instead of following us. This way, you can refer to the saved search whenever you need traffic updates without necessarily having your Twitter timeline flooded by our traffic-related tweets.

StreetSmart map

For those who have no access to StreetSmart for Android and iOS devices, a great way to see a bird’s eye view of Metro Manila traffic reports is through the StreetSmart website: Tap on the color-coded pins to view comments and direction (this map can also be accessed via mobile web for iPhone and iPad using the same url). Contributions can be done by replying to or mentioning @StreetSmartApp on Twitter.

Traffic contributions

For StreetSmart mobile traffic contributions via Android or iPhone, you may also create hashtags (#) as well as “@” people in the description field (ex. #mmda, @cesdrilon). As StreetSmart descriptions also get tweeted, the hashtags and @ mentions appear (and alert the concerned agency/person to your traffic update) in the StreetSmart timeline/tweet.

Location & Direction

Location is automatically determined via GPS-integration in your mobile device. However, accuracy is sometimes off by several meters. In addition, the compass that determines the direction you’re in may not be available in your mobile device. Making use of the description field in the traffic app is a good way to describe your location and direction in a more accurate manner (ex. “bottleneck 0-10 kph Edsa cor Ayala, southbound”). In case your mobile device has a compass and the direction it’s getting is inaccurate, you may try waving your mobile device in a figure-8 motion as well as keeping it away from magnetic objects (ex. bag clasp) to minimize compass interference.

Of course, since we’re all responsible citizens here, we don’t need to remind everyone to keep the StreetSmart updates relevant to traffic info in the metro. 🙂


Got questions? Email us:
Check out StreetSmart for Android here.
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Beat the traffic. Be StreetSmart.

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