StreetSmart for iPhone 1.1 Now Available in the App Store

StreetSmart for iPhone v1.1 has been approved by Apple and is now available in the App Store! Upgrade or download now for FREE. Thank you, as always, to StreetSmart for iPhone users for the feedback and suggestions.

So, what’s up with version 1.1? Lots of cool major updates!

Here’s a summary of what we have in store for you:

Photo uploading support via Plixi

Choice of Map or Hybrid type for all map views

Support for bookmarks in Traffic Map view

Improved Traffic List view for easier browsing of traffic reports and inclusion of tweets from the official MMDA Twitter account (@MMDA)

“Retweet” function for traffic updates from the Traffic List view

Users will be prompted to enter their Twitter credentials whenever a line is tapped in List View. As soon as authorized by the user, the StreetSmart traffic update will be retweeted in his or her timeline. Of course, Facebook integration is still in place but not available in the List View.

Additional hotlines in Roadside Assistance

Other tweaks and fixes that we hope would add an intuitive touch to StreetSmart for iPhone:

* Centers map on current location when Traffic Map reload button is pressed
* Enables reloading of Traffic Map & Traffic List when tab bar item is selected
* Disables scrolling & zooming in Set Location view to maintain data integrity
* Reloads data of active view when application returns to foreground
* Removes “obsolete” traffic pins when Traffic Map is reloaded
* Fixes potential crash when viewing Traffic Map on iOS 3.x devices
* Fixes potential time display errors in Traffic Map on iOS 3.x devices

Have fun with the improved version of StreetSmart for iPhone! Let’s beat the traffic and let’s all be StreetSmart.

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