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Three Things You Can Do With MindMash

Monday, September 6th, 2010

The plan was to create an iPad app that would help users create a visual representation of their ideas. There were so many features that we wanted to include in the app but at the same time, we wanted to keep the app very simple and easy to use. We decided to focus on three things that the “mind-mashing” iPad app could do. After weeks of designing, coding and beta testing, MindMash was ready for the iPad launch day! We also decided to throw in a little bonus: make it available to users for FREE.

Here are three basic things you can do with MindMash:

1. Brainstorming

With MindMash, users can create an ideas mash-up using text, images, and basic shapes (which we call ‘bits’). Bits can be arranged in any manner on the sheet as a visual aid to brainstorming activities. Use MindMash for discussion, decision-making, as well as for lay-out purposes. At our own brainstorming sessions in Numlock, we use MindMash as a portable, digital white board to create mock-ups and to conceptualize apps in the early stages of our design process.

2. Writing

Easily create essays and articles on MindMash by accessing the text tool. Augment the articles with pictures from your iPad’s photo library by opening the image tool. Text, images and drawing bits can be organized in sheets. MindMash can also serve as digital journals or travel diaries.

3. Note-taking

Use MindMash to take down notes and organize your thoughts. The multi-sheet function allows users to be able to classify notes by opening different sheets for different types. To simulate real-world note-taking, you can even make doodles on the side!

These are the three basic things you can do with MindMash. We can think of a few more but we’ll all leave it up to you to explore the app. Let us know if there are unique uses you’ve discovered for MindMash at

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