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Rogomi, Inc.

Monday, November 4th, 2013


Rogomi, Inc. spells a new brand, a fresh start. We all look forward to greater and more exciting developments in the world of mobile technology in the coming years. Here’s a statement from our President and CEO, Ramon Pastor.

We are delighted to announce the birth of our mobile software development company, Rogomi, Inc.

Earlier this year, our majority owners and management decided to undergo several major changes for our previous company, Numlock Solutions Co. The first of these changes involved amending our business type from partnership to corporation. As our business continued to grow over the years, we felt it was time to embrace a corporate identity more suited to our expanding company.

Although we initially wanted to retain our former company name given that we’ve already established solid roots in the mobile software development industry via Numlock, we welcomed this opportunity to establish a new brand and a fresh start.

As most of our stakeholders know, Numlock started as a three-man startup building websites and mobile applications in 2008. In the back of several successful releases of mobile applications for iOS and Android in 2009 and 2010, we decided to focus on designing and developing software applications for mobile devices and moved to our current head office in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. The company expanded to a 12-man team developing in-house apps, as well as mobile apps for a wide range of clients, from startups to multinational companies.

This year, along with a new corporate identity, we also decided to focus exclusively on helping enterprises design, create, build and test mobile applications for their businesses. Backed by years of designing and developing mobile software applications for both SMEs and global brands, we feel that creating high-quality mobile applications for outsourcing customers is what we do best. All of our former in-house apps under the Numlock brand will continue to be supported by Rogomi until a new and separate company is established to manage them.

Apart from narrowing our focus from website and mobile applications development to mobile applications development for outsourcing clients, we’ve also expanded our development facility by establishing our second office in Iloilo City. Our long-term plans include the recruitment and training of more designers and developers in our satellite office in Iloilo to support our Manila operations.

In light of all these business type and strategic changes, we would like to assure our customers, suppliers and stakeholders that the transition from Numlock to Rogomi will have no material impact on our operations. The Numlock team that managed, designed, developed and tested mobile software applications for all of our projects will be the same team that will handle all of these functions under Rogomi.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to better processes and more world-class applications under Rogomi.


Join The Numlock Team

Monday, September 12th, 2011

We’re looking for the following people to join our expanding team:

1. Graphic Designer

– You should be willing to unlearn any design biases (whether for web or print) and learn the peculiarities of designing for any of the major mobile platforms
– You should be comfortable designing pixel-perfect buttons, icons and other graphic design elements in either Illustrator, Fireworks or Photoshop
– You are expected to be able to easily create, construct or sketch a GUI prototype based on communicated requirements
– You have the ability to learn and to grasp mobile design concepts quickly
– You provide great attention to detail and can handle making several iterations of a specific design
– Familiarity with Mac OS X is a plus

Send resume to with Graphic Designer as subject. Please bring a sample portfolio or provide a list of online links for a sample of your design work.

2. Business Development Officer

– You will assist in business development, marketing and account management
– You have an excellent command of both Filipino and English
– You are willing to be constantly on the go and to travel as the need arises
– You are outgoing, have a pleasant personality and are a team player
– You must be able to learn basic technical concepts easily; a technical background is a plus

Send resume to with Business Development Officer as your subject.

3. Human Resources & Administrative Assistant

– You can effectively & efficiently communicate in Filipino & English
– You are proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel or similar software
– You have a good grasp of basic HR and administrative work process
– You can handle simple financial and accounting-related transactions
– You must be organized and detail-oriented

Send resume to with HR & Admin Asst. as your subject. Please provide references.